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Studio Excellence Award 2019


  • Studios MUST enter and nominate SIX routines to represent their studio by January 15, 2019. Changes can NOT be made after the start of the season.
  • Studios must attend 2 SDA regionals and 1 – SDA National Championship in order to be eligible. All 6 routines must perform at all 3 events  (at least 75% of the dancers must remain the same for each event)
  • If a studio attends more than 2 regionals, the top 2 cities combined scores will automatically be used.
  • Each Studio must enter ONE group routine (Small group, Large Group or Line) in each of the THREE below categories in BOTH 11&under and 12& over for a total of SIX routines.
    • Ballet or tap
    • Contemporary or Lyrical or Jazz
    • Hip Hop or Musical Theater
  • For Example:
    • Routine 1: Jazz Small Group 11&under
    • Routine 2: Contemporary Line 12&over
    • Routine 3: Ballet Large Group 11&under
    • Routine 4: Tap Small Group 12&over
    • Routine 5: Musical Theater 11&under
    • Routine 6: Hip Hop Large Group 12&over
  • Solos and Duet /Trios/Grand Lines Do Not Count
  • Studio can’t win back – back years

Winners Chosen

  • At the end of regionals the top 30 studios (in no particular order) with the highest average combined scores will be announced.
  • At the end of nationals the top 6 studios will be re-judged.
  • The winner is chosen by a separate judging panel who judges those final routines via video. (Each company will elect one head judge to represent their company) If we use videos from regionals we would automatically choose the event that had the highest score for that routine. If we have enough time between nationals and Gala we would use footage from nationals.
  • Routines will be ranked 1-6 in each category (11&under jazz, 12&over ballet and so forth) Studio with the lowest combined score wins.


Cash Prize – $20,000 and custom studio video (If they win they forfeit any previously won Group Star Dollars – solos/duos/trios can keep their Star Dollars) and, of course, a lot of bragging rights!

Presentation at the Gala

Video package of the semi-finalist (all of who are invited to the Gala) and then announce winner. Finalist are all called on stage where winner is announced.

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